Why we created Invisage?

We were ‘VTFinTech’ until a few days ago. Today onwards, we are ‘Invisage’. 

We have had tremendous growth over the last few months: we have been acknowledged for the novel technological solution that we have built, we were fortunate to be invited around the world to showcase our platform, and we even won a few awards along the way. 

Through this incredible journey, we learnt that ‘fintech’ is a broadly-used term, and that meant we frequently ended up being confused for a payments or trading company (which we’re not).  

We therefore began the process of rebranding ‘VTFinTech’ with the help of the excellent team over at Future Kings in order to effectively, decisively and persuasively communicate who we are. Within a few intense yet exciting months, we created Invisage – a brand that we believe stands for performance from perspective

Invisage was created to help asset managers and research providers objectively measure the performance of research. We believe this is the need of the hour with regulations (like MiFID II) and markets demanding greater transparency. 

Our company is built on the foundations of: 

  • Performance (how do you measure alpha-producing capabilities)
  • Value (how do you calculate the ROI on research) 
  • Unbiased Approach (how do you provide independent and objective analysis, every single time).

The power of our innovative platform lies in providing novel insights that can help our users gain fresh perspectives. Our comprehensive suite builds a 360 degree view of research that is unparalleled in the market. With just a few clicks, our users can visualise how research has performed, evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, and assess where to focus their attention. Clients can also monitor how a certain research has contributed to their investment strategy. Finally, both research providers and asset managers can use the platform to price research more fairly. 

It is these principals and ideas that we wanted to convey with our new branding. 

We use stark images that show you the world – as we now see it – from a whole new perspective. The brand icon itself stands for perspective (after all it is the unicode for the word ‘perspective’). While this was deliberate, some things just worked – like the font for our logo, serendipitously named – Objektiv. 

Our design team paid immense attention to the brand colours, to enable us to boldly convey our merits. Black, white and yellow are hard to miss! While this strengthens our brand, it has also done wonders for the platform UI – our users now get a dashboard that conveys meaningful information in a minimalistic format. 

Less is more. 

We do hope that this branding speaks to our audience just as it does to us. Do tell us what you think of it!


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