Invisage for Research Providers

A strategic platform to track the performance of your research recommendations

Understand what drives your research performance

Research portfolios (R’folios) built for you on Invisage platform enable you to understand the performance of individual recommendations and aggregated performance at analysts, sectors, countries and firm level.

All asset classes in one go

Whether you produce research on specific asset classes (e.g. Equities, Fixed Income, Currencies etc.) or macro and thematic research, Parity One can evaluate the performance and show you an aggregated view.

Retain the edge post MiFID II

Use our independent and objective evaluation as a tool to benchmark your performance and identify what drives the performance in your research. Is it the people’s expertise or your firm’s research processes? Are there sectors you are really good at vs the other?

Use it to market yourself better in the competitive post MiFID II research world.

Collaborate with your clients like never before

Invisage platform integrates seamlessly with your research distribution platforms. You can manage and securely share your R’folios with clients, showcase your top ideas and collaborate with them in building investment strategies based on your research. 

A stronger collaboration like never before.

Three things you can only do with Invisage

Capture the conviction behind your recommendations into the research performance

Benchmark the performance of your analysts internally for continuous improvement

Benefit from our unique methodology that captures the maximum performance potential in your recommendations