Invisage for Asset Managers

Gain candid insights and unique perspectives on the research that you consume

Discover research that helps you produce alpha

We track the performance of research that you consume and extract its alpha capabilities so that you can quickly discover and monitor the research that in turn helps you produce alpha.

Justify your research spend

Using our performance analytics, we calculate for you the true cost of research in producing investment performance. When combined with other forms of evaluation like the broker voting and interaction analysis, this creates a strong evaluation framework and justifies your research spend.

Maximize the performance from research

By building investment portfolios combining all your entitled research, you can gauge the entire performance potential of your research and effectively capture it in your trading portfolios.

Attribute performance to research

Bring research into your core investment workflows by attributing the performance of trading portfolios back to research to increase transparency and add traceability.

Three things you can only do with Invisage

Manage your research budgets based on the objective performance of the research

Give new tools to your front office to capture the maximum performance from research

Attribute portfolio performance back to research to increase transparency and add traceability