5 most impressive things at the Innovate Finance Global Summit 2019

It was our first time at the IFGS as a member of Innovate Finance. IFGS 2019 preceded the FinTech Week in London. The event and its timing could not have been better. While there was a lot to admire, there were the most impressive things in our eyes.

Led by women

Fintech, and even whole of the financial sector, has a skewed proportion of women. Hence, it was a delight to see women leading the show at IFGS 2019. The first three people to take to the podium were all women. They were high achievers in their own fields and an encouraging sign of how firms and events can become more inclusive. 

Global representation 

Like London, IFGS was a melting pot with delegates from around the globe. We met our friends and colleagues from Europe and Asia. It also was a great opportunity for us to learn more about other markets and how things are evolving there. For a technology driven organisation, we find value in events that bring together these perspectives. 

Diversity was a theme that was carried on throughout the event. The panels were composed of people from various backgrounds, geographies and gender. A diverse set of opinions is where growth happens, and we were happy to be part of this. 


Guildhall was a brilliant venue with its rich history. It invited us to appreciate the past in all its glory. To hear speakers talking about cutting edge technology with a historic background served as a reminder of lessons from the past that must be carried forward. 

Timely conversations 

While there were many relevant discussions, what stood out was to hear various stakeholders of our economy present their views. From regulators to asset managers to technology providers to banking institutions, they were all there. The conversations and discussions were very contemporary with the impending Brexit and other economic/ political changes around the globe that will affect us all. 


People make it happen! We loved being there in the company of talent from such a large pool of organisations and institutions. 


Innovate Finance did a great job organising the event, and we can’t for the next one!


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