From Information Overload to Investment Performance

Invisage’s data analytics platform connects the dots from Alternative data, ESG analytics and Investment Research to investment strategy

Insights from Alt Data

As the market for alt data grows rapidly, we help investment managers and data providers quickly identify quality insights and signals from the data and integrate them into the investment process for enhanced decision-making

How we do it

  • Data cleansing and tickerisation
  • Signal generation & back-testing
  • Independent verification

How we help investment firms

  • Identify the best alt data sources to match investment focus
  • Independent verification and validation of quality
  • Reduce the time to integrate and extract signals by over 70% 

How we help data providers

  • Seal of approval on the data quality and its ability to predict prices/trends
  • Whitepaper to broadcast the performance data can produce
  • Sell better by saving onboarding time for your clients with Invisage’s smart data feeds

"Through Invisage’s Entropy toolset, we have been able to quickly integrate signals and ideas from alt data against our investment universe – providing a new step in our overall investment and risk management process."

European Institutional Investment Manager

"With Invisage, we are able to independently demonstrate the quality of our insights and provide actionable investment signals for a wider addressable market beyond typical quant funds."

US Alt Data Provider


We help investment managers address the regulatory requirements and the expectations of the asset owners from an ESG perspective, without compromising on alpha potential. We address the data fragmentation issues and provide actionable signals from ESG data to support and enhance decision-making

How we do it
  • Provide a white-labelled digital delivery solution
  • ESG ideas screener and quality assessment tools
  • Portfolio modelling and basket construction tools

“Invisage’s unique ability to combine ESG, Investment Research and Alt Data provides a 360 view that helps identify and support our investment case development process.”

US Wealth Manager

How we help

  • Remove the ambiguity and inconsistencies on ESG metrics across different data providers
  • Identify materiality by correlating metric score changes to asset price performance and volatility
  • Integrate insights into portfolio strategies and risk assessments


Research to


We identify and curate the best investment signals from research providers, to help improve the investment decision making, manage the research budgets and assess new providers


"We have been very impressed with the Invisage platform and the team behind it. During the implementation we used Invisage to validate our back test and since we have found it extremely useful to have a third party calculate and display the daily performance of our research. The Invisage platform is a great solution for the independent verification of our research methodology."

Will Chawner, Director-Libra Investment Services

How we help investment firms

  • Identify the best quality research and investment ideas to match investment focus
  • Connect macro, sector and bottom-up research through a single framework
  • Integrate research into investment process through bespoke workflow tools

How we help research providers

  • Digitize research through Invisage’s NLP based idea extraction
  • Improve research delivery through alerts, idea screeners and portfolio tools
  • Track the performance of your research ideas in bespoke portfolios
  • Identify your competitive strengths and demonstrate them effectively

Invisage’s Entropy is a proprietary machine learning engine that extracts investment signals and ideas from any form of data or narrative content. Our market leading platform provides a set of tools to quickly integrate signals into the investment process to drive performance and reduce risk

  • Smart API Datafeed
  • Investment Signals and Portfolios
  • Backtesting Toolset
  • Idea-screener
  • Alerting and Notifications

How can Invisage add value to your business?


Unique methodology

A one-stop solution to normalise, assess and integrate insights from traditional research, alt data and ESG analytics

Benchmarking Quality

Compare insights and signals across providers to get a true 360° view of an asset’s investment potential

Integrate insights into investment strategy

Powerful backtesting engine to validate, build and manage investment strategies based on derived signals


Attribute portfolio performance to insights, providing complete transparency and traceability

Collaborative technology

Cloud-based system for easy sharing of ideas and investment strategies with clients

Clients and Partners


Invisage is proud to work with and support some of the leading names in the Alt Data, Research and Technology