From research complexity to investment clarity

Our award winning platform gives users a 360° view of research performance, allowing them to compare effectiveness across providers and coverage universes to understand the true value.

Research performance is the last remaining opaque portion of the financial services

We are changing that.

We independently track the performance of research recommendations in the form of model portfolios and build track history for each research analyst and provider.

This  portfolio approach provides transparency and a great visibility into the performance of research.

Invisage better performance from research

We extract the alpha producing capabilities of research so you can quickly and easily identify the research that has the potential to outperform the market.

With Invisage, your investments are always informed with the best possible research, adding performance to your portfolios.


Invisage platform_r'folio

Unleash the true potential of research

Investment research is becoming more complex with new data sources and quantitative techniques. The sheer volume of research produced every year makes it almost impossible to gather unique insights.

Invisage normalizes and brings various forms of research onto a single enterprise ready platform so you can harness it and build sophisticated investment strategies combining all your research.

Invisage platform_strategy

Unbiased approach for unique perspectives

Invisage’s unique methodology is objective and unbiased. This evokes confidence and trust in our evaluation resulting in candid insights and unique perspectives.

This approach also creates efficiencies in research production and fosters innovation in the entire research ecosystem.

Performance from perspective

Unique methodology

Unique methodology to accurately capture the research performance and alpha capabilities.

House-view of providers

Objective and independent evaluation of research performance.

Manage portfolios based on research

Powerful backtesting engine to validate, build and manage investment strategies based on research.

Research attribution

Attribute portfolio performance to research, providing complete transparency and traceability.

Collaborative technology

Cloud-based system for easy sharing of research ideas and investment strategies with clients.

Asset managers

  • Quantify the performance of research providers. 
  • Backtest and manage portfolios based on research.
  • Attribute portfolio performance back to research to increase transparency and add traceability.
  • Advanced predictive analytics to find the best research for specific investment strategies.

Research providers

  • Monitor the performance of individual analysts and the overall firm for continuous improvement of research quality.
  • Build a competitive advantage based on performance and better promote your research.
  • Justify your pricing by demonstrating why your research is best-in-class.